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What’s up with Orfeo?

What’s up with Orfeo? You’ve probably not heard from us in a very long time. Let us keep you updated!

We played our last concert in july 2016. After that our lovely flute player Erica moved abroad to begin a new life. So.. Currently we are missing a bandmember! Since Orfeo is a tight group of friends, it felt realy weird to replace Erica. And besides, all remaining Orfeo members were involved in Ball Noir as well and were very busy recording the new Ball Noir album..

What now? We don’t know.. We wait and see… Orfeo is not dead, it’s just resting. Meanwhile, we decided that our music is ready to enter the digital world. So if you miss us, you can find us online on all sorts of streaming/ download sites! Hurray!

We did put our two full length albums online:

— Terra Amorosa (2014)
— Inferno (2010)

In the following link you can find links to Apple Music, ITunes, GooglePlay, Spotify and Deezer:

Happy listening!

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