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New website, new album, new artwork!

Orfeo---Terra-AmorosaWelcome to our new and shiny website! The past few weeks have been a very creative process for us and we are very proud to present to you our new album TERRA AMOROSA, as well as our new artwork and new merchandise! Please visit our music page to listen to some examples of our music and if you like it, you can order your own copy of TERRA AMOROSA via our web form.

We start with our album release party on Keltfest and carry on with our album presentation show until the beginning of 2015. We will be traveling around with one group of happy party people, since we have been invited to almost all of our favourite festivals this summer. More shows will be confirmed the coming months, so keep a keen eye on our agenda.

Furthermore we started a special project related to the new album: The title Terra Amorosa is a made up Latin name, inspired by terra ‘earth’ and amor ‘love’. With this album we honour our roots and the fertile grounds in Noordeloos (our home town) on which our music grows. But to keep our grounds fertile, our nature green and our ecosystem alive, we need bees! That’s why we have started a project to help save the bee. You probably heard about the difficult circumstances for bees these days, with as most scaring phenomenon: CCP (Colony Collapse Disorder), a mysterious disease whereby whole colonies of bees suddenly disappear. You can help the bee by planting bee-friendly flowers, in your garden, on your balcony or in the park behind the corner. With each copy of TERRA AMOROSA that you buy, you get one package with bee-friendly seeds for free! We dedicated one tune on our album to this project: Queen Bee (bourrée).

We hope to see you on Keltfest or on one of our coming shows!



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