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Bee-friendly-flowers for free!

bijenzaadOrfeo started a special project related to the new album. The title TERRA AMOROSA is a made up Latin name, inspired by terra ‘earth’ and amor ‘love’. With this album we honour our roots and the fertile grounds in Noordeloos (our home town) on which our music grows…. But, to keep our grounds fertile, our nature green and our ecosystem alive, we need bees! That’s why we have started a project to help save the bee. You probably heard about the difficult circumstances for bees these days, with as most scaring phenomenon: CCP (Colony Collapse Disorder), a mysterious disease whereby whole colonies of bees suddenly disappear. You can help the bee by planting bee-friendly flowers, in your garden, on your balcony or in the park behind the corner. With each copy of TERRA AMOROSA that you buy on Keltfest, you get one package with bee-friendly seeds for free! (as long as we have enough). We dedicated one tune on our album to this project: Queen Bee (bourrée).

So, children, BEEhave and we’ll see you at our merch stand this weekend!
Hill Stage, saturday 14:15 hours, sunday 10:15 hours.

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