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2013 Reflections…

The year 2013 was a strange year for us: we only played one show! It was an amazing gig in the medieval church De Leeuwenberghkerk in the center of Utrecht during the superb Summer Darkness festival. We got a lot of positive response to our music and our technician Simon Kemme recorded the whole show.

After that, Lies went on a pregnancy leave and we cancelled all other gigs for Orfeo. But not much rest was given to the other band members: we went on a adventure together with Kelten zonder Grenzen and Ball Noir which resulted in the unique KOB Conspiracy project: a cooperation between three bands to play each other’s tunes, together with all the musicians on stage. This resulted in three smashing gigs on Castlefest 2013. We had a lot of fun exploring each other’s music and working together broadend our horizons. But that’s not all: Behind the scenes Orfeo was writing new material and recording a new album! Most of the work is done now and we proudly announce that we will present the new cd in the spring of 2014! Besides that, after the summer a beautiful little girl was born with proud parents Lies and Marco.

Bearing in mind that 2013 brought us a new Orf-baby and a new Orf-album, it was a fertile year for us! But now we realy want to catch up with you again, dancers, listereners, fans, facebook followers, friends, family and fellow musicians! 2014 will be the year that we’re going to hit the stage again to spread our freshly-made tunes, so look out for us on sunny festivals, cosy pub-stages and balfolk parties. Follow us on facebook to hear more about our album release party and all the upcoming gigs.

We wish you all a very happy, warm and lovely new year and we hope to see you in 2014 somewhere in front of our stage, clapping, dancing and enjoying life to the fullest!


Orfeo (Erica, Marco, Lies, Richard and Rutger)

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