From fairytale metal to rocking balfolk” ( The five multi-instrumentalists of Orfeo come from different backgrounds like medieval music, classical music, rock, metal and celtic folk and all these influences are prominent in the music they make today. These friends do not only mix various genres but also different instruments like harp, hurdy-gurdy, flute, bass guitar, electric guitar and drums.

Several folkbals and stages have met Orfeo, also festivals such as the Elf Fantasy Fair, Folkwoods, Summer Darkness, Castlefest and the Midvinterfestival in Denmark.

In may 2014 Orfeo presents her second album Terra Amorosa. It contains one traditional and eleven tunes, composed by the band members themselves.

Orfeo is: Erica (wooden flute and overtone flute), Lies (harp and hurdy-gurdy), Marco (12-stringed acoustic guitar, electric guitar, alto hurdy-gurdy and theremin),  Richard (bass guitar, 8-stringed bass guitar, bass clarinet and Bes clarinet
) and Rutger (drums and percussion).

The members of Orfeo are also involved in other musical projects such as Rama, Ball Noir and Kelten zonder Grenzen. The Orfeo’s themselves are also very fond of dancing and can be found on many a folkbal!